James Wasmuth Photography | About


My name is James Wasmuth, I am a fully self-taught abstract expressionist artist and semi professional photographer who simply loves the creative skill of capturing a moment. On this site you will discover a selection of my most treasured photographic work.

Creativity & simplicity, visual impact, light, colour, lines, tones and natural composition - it is these elements that form the fabric of my style. Whereas intuitive instinct, emotion, curiosity, imagination, dreams and a thirst for adventure lay down the spiritual path.

I use my art and photos to express transitions in my own life and humanities, visually reflecting my passion on canvas and via still life, with the hope of cataloguing our times in an enduring and universal manner in which others may share.

My camera is my portal to the past!

I sincerely hope you find pleasure and inspiration in the diversity of my collection in as much as I do during the process of its creation.

Any comments, enquiries or questions are most welcome. :)